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Our hand stamped jewelry features fun and inspirational sayings and images to help inspire the wearer.  Our goal is to allow you to carry what you love, whether it is the image of your favorite state, an image that reminds you of your family, or a saying that inspires you, with you wherever you go.



~Our Start~

 For as long as I can remember, I always planned to have a job in the medical field. Some days I wanted to be a doctor, other days a nurse or a physical therapist. I never dreamed I would end up being a jeweler. However, looking back, I should have seen it coming.

I grew up with art and independence flowing through my veins. Being creative was always emphasized, from learning to cook to any sort of crazy craft project I got into my mind I wanted to do. My parents were, and still are, entrepreneurs in several fields. In addition to her self-employed day job, my mother photographed the world around her. She then would create traditional darkroom photographs, often with me helping to shake trays of chemicals to prevent the development from being uneven. As a result of her selling her work, my brother and I grew up at art shows, getting to know all of the local artists that set up their tents to sell what they had crafted with their own hands. A deep love of art and all things creative and handmade grew in me. However, my desire to be a doctor (or nurse or physical therapist) never wavered. 

I started college with that burning desire stronger than ever. The first two years were easy, and I loved my pre med major. Right before I started my junior year, I decided that I needed a job. Not just any job would work as it needed to fit around my class and studying schedules. After being unable to find a job that would work, my mom, being an artist and entrepreneur, suggested that I create my own job. She encouraged me to explore making something and selling it at our local art market and on Etsy. I had always enjoyed making jewelry, so I decided that was a good place to start trying things. I made a few beaded items, and then stumbled haphazardly into metalwork. It was love at first hammer blow.

Within a year and a half, my love for all things metalwork had become cemented. No longer did I want to be a doctor, but I wanted to spend my life making jewelry. A few months before graduating, I made the decision to run my business full time instead of continuing my medical education. It was an incredibly scary decision, but every day I am so grateful I took the leap of faith. I love being able to spend my day loving everything that I do. Work no longer feels like work when you love your job. They say hindsight is 20/20 and now, I can clearly see that this is where I belonged all along.



With the unwavering support of my family and customers, my little job has turned into a thriving business. After starting out in 2011, my husband has since joined me part-time and helps out whenever needed in the studio and at shows. He’s actually proven to be a natural with a jeweler’s saw! With his help, I’ve been able to make my jewelry available in multiple venues, including Etsy and my website as well as art shows and stores all around the United States. We are both so excited about being able to continue growing and being able to bring even more of our work to our loyal customers, both locally and around the world.

~What Makes Us Special~

At Always There Designs, we create entirely handmade jewelry featuring fun and inspirational sayings, designs, and images to help inspire the wearer. Our goal is to allow you to carry what you love, whether it is the shape of your favorite state, an image that reminds you of your family, or a saying that inspires you, with you wherever you go. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as modern approaches to age-old methods, we handcraft each piece of jewelry ourselves from start to finish in our Missoula, MT, studio, beginning with sheet metal and ending with hand polishing your new piece.

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